Empty indicator on Balloon Time tank

Recycle or Store

How to Prepare Your Empty Tank for Recycling or Disposal

Our Medium and Jumbo Helium Tanks are made of steel and are non-refillable, but may be recycled* or disposed of in trash receptacles when empty. See below for instructions:

Tools needed

Gather your supplies. Wear protective gloves and goggles.

Twist green valve to open

Fully open green valve by turning counterclockwise.

Push down on nozzle

Push down on nozzle until tank is empty (hissing sound will stop).

Twist valve nut counterclockwise

Unscrew white valve nut.

Completely remove nozzle

Remove nozzle and discard.

Lift and remove disk on tank

Use hammer and flat head screwdriver to lift, peel back and discard the small disk.

Mark tank as empty

Circle the open hole and write “empty” on the tank.

Recycle tank

Recycle or dispose. Check locally for options.

*To see if recycling options are available in your area, check our CylinderSafe™ database below or contact your local waste authority directly.

Storing Medium and Jumbo Tanks For Later Use

Our Medium and Jumbo helium tanks can be safely stored for convenient use on demand! Simply close the green valve tightly before storing between uses to prevent helium from leaking. For best results, we recommend using your helium within one year from initial use.

How To Videos

Get Disposal Instructions Specific to Your Area

Not sure how to properly dispose of your empty tank? Procedures for disposing of these empty tanks vary by location. Select your state and county for contact information for your local solid waste authority.

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