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Recycling Your Empty Tank

Our tanks are made to be completely recyclable*. If your tank is empty, follow a few simple steps to ensure it’s ready for recycling. Then check our CylinderSafe database below to find proper recycling or disposal instructions in your area.

*Contact your local waste authority to find out more. Curbside pickup may be available in your area. Tanks are non-refillable. Tanks are made from 25% recycled steel and the carton is made from 40% recycled corrugated fiberboard.

Get Disposal Instructions Specific to Your Area

Not sure how to properly dispose of your empty tank? Procedures for disposing of these empty tanks vary by location. Select your state and county for contact information for your local solid waste authority.

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Storing Your Tank for Later Use

Our helium tanks can be safely stored for convenient use on demand! Simply close the green valve tightly before storing between uses to prevent helium from leaking. For best results, we recommend using your helium within one year from initial use.

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