Hand inflating balloon

Inflate with Helium

How to Use Our Helium Tanks

Turn valve counterclockwise to open

To open, rotate green valve 4 full turns, counterclockwise.

Hand placing balloon on nozzle

Place balloon on black nozzle; hold in place.

Hand inflating balloon

Gently press down near end of nozzle to release helium.

Tie balloon securely

Tie off the balloon and add ribbon.

Turn valve clockwise to close

After use, close green valve tightly. Store in a cool, dry place.

Average Float Time

For best results inflate balloons

1-2 hours before event

Latex balloon shape


5-7 hours

Average float time

Foil balloon shape


2-3 days

Average float time

Altitude, high temperature and humidity will affect balloon performance.

Maximize Your Float Time


Egg shaped balloon with thumbs up
Light bulb shaped balloon with thumbs down

Fill balloons to an egg shape, not a light bulb.

Hands tying ribbon on latex balloon

Tie the ribbon between the knot and the end of the balloon.


Hands inflating foil balloon

Insert one end of a straw into the balloon and the other onto the nozzle. Push down on nozzle to inflate.

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