Party table with Balloon Tails and colorful balloons

Assemble Balloon Tails

What You’ll Need

  • A Balloon Time Helium Tank (not included)
  • A minimum of five 12″ latex balloons (not included)

How to Assemble

Woman filling latex balloon with Balloon Time jumbo tank

Fill one latex balloon at a time using a Balloon Time Helium Tank. Make sure to fill to the same size..

Close up of hands pulling balloon knot through plastic disc

Start assembly by adding a helium filled 12″ latex balloon to the center of the plastic disc. Pull knot of balloon through the slits in the disc to secure.

Adding balloons around sides of disc

Inflate and add the other balloons around the disc.

icon: warning!

Balloon weight is pre-attached to the tail to keep it grounded. Weight can be removed to allow balloons to float up indoors. Please respect the environment, and do not release balloons in free flight outdoors.


Perfect for any

Ready in a snap!
No assembly required.

Take and inflate:
At home or on the go!