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Do you have questions about using your Balloon Time Helium Tank? Check out these tips for using Balloon Time products in the following videos and troubleshooting information.

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Instructional Videos

How to Properly Inflate a Balloon with Balloon Time

How to use the Balloon Time Helium Tank

How to check to see if the Balloon Time Helium Tank is full

How to loosen the valve on the Balloon Time Helium Tank

Balloon Fill Guide

Will the tank have enough helium to fill all the balloons?

The Balloon Time tank has approximately 15 percent more capacity than what is needed to fill the supplied number of balloons at the designated size when filled per instructions. However, if you choose to use balloons other than those supplied, or create larger filled balloons, you may not be able to fill all of the supplied balloons. To prevent waste and leakage while filling, please ensure that you have a good seal between the easy-fill nozzle and the balloon neck. See the balloon capacity charts for the Standard size tank and the Jumbo size tank for additional information.

Balloon Fill Guide Capacity Charts

How do I store the tank for its next use?

Close the green valve tightly by turning clockwise, and store in a cool, dry place.


Note: some Balloon Time products are filled with a mixture of helium and air with not less than 80% helium. Cartons are clearly marked.