Capture the Balloon


Traditional Games


You know Capture the Flag. Here's a fun way to incorporate helium balloons!


1. Separate the players into 2 even teams and assign a color to each team.

2. Give an inflated balloon of the assigned color to each player.

3. Decide how long the game will last.

4. Randomly choose a team to be "It" first.

5. At the signal, players from the "It" team try to tag the players on the other team.

6. When a player is tagged, he/she has to give his/her balloon to player that tagged him/her and give that player a 3-second head-start to run.

7. Players without a balloon, including any players who accidentally let go of their balloon(s), then try to tag someone on the other team to get that player's balloon(s).

When time is up, the team that has the most of the other team's balloons wins!