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If you have questions about using Balloon Time products, please see tips for Using Our Products, Recycling Our Tanks, and Filling and Float Time. Our FAQs section addresses popular questions. If your question has not been answered here, please fill out the Consumer Feedback Form.


Here is a list of our frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer pertaining to your specific question, check out our How To section, where we detail how to use Balloon Time products and recycle empty tanks.

Is the product safe for children to use?

  • Helium-filled balloons are a safe way to bring fun to any event. However, we recommend that children have adult supervision at all times when they are in close proximity to or using the Balloon Time tank. Keep uninflated or broken balloons away from children under 8 years old as they can choke or suffocate. View our Warnings and Precautions.
  • Do not allow any person to inhale helium. Inhalation of helium can cause asphyxiation or suffocation, which may lead to serious injury or death. For more information on helium gas refer to the MSDS/SDS.

Can I refill the Balloon Time tank?

  • Balloon Time tanks cannot be refilled. These tanks are designed to be non-refillable, allowing consumers the convenience of being lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Do not attempt to refill. Please refer to the warnings and precautions on the tank and carton. Attempting to refill can cause injury or death. However, the tank may be recycled. View our Recycling Instructions.

Does helium expire?

  • Helium does not expire. After each use, close the green valve tightly or helium may leak over time.

What is the purity of the helium in Balloon Time tanks?

  • Our helium is rated from 98-99.99 percent pure. However, due to global helium supply issues, we are now mixing helium with air. All tanks will have 80 percent or more helium. This allows us to deliver a quality product at an affordable price.

Does the mixture of helium and air affect balloon float time?

  • Due to global helium supply issues, we’ve developed a process to mix helium and air without affecting product performance. With at least 80 percent helium, you’ll still get the standard 5-7+ hours of float time with a standard 9-inch latex balloon. However, altitude, high temperature and humidity can negatively affect performance for all balloon types. Kits and tanks have clearly marked packaging indicating a helium/air mixture tank is included.

What is the working pressure of Balloon Time tanks?

  • Balloon Time tanks operate at a working pressure of 260 psi, and are successfully leak-tested at a minimum of 325 psi to ensure quality. In addition, each Balloon Time tank has a patented flow restriction safety device, reducing the flow rate and improving the safety of the product.

Are coupons available for Balloon Time?

  • On occasion, we will participate in retailer promotions and/or special offers. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming offers.
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