The Ultimate New Year's Eve Party

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Happy (almost!) New Year! If you’re planning a big bash to ring in the New Year, I’ve got a few fun, sparkly and balloon-filled ideas to inspire you! Create a grand entrance, gold dip balloons to add a little shine, and let your guests fill up their own confetti balloons to pop at midnight (along with that champagne)! Here’s the low down and the how-tos for throwing a glitzy New Year’s Eve affair!

DIY Balloon 2014

DIY Giant Balloon Numbers for New Year's Eve

Wow guests from the start by spelling out the year in balloons at your party’s entrance! This makes a huge impact, and is easy to create if you have a partner in balloon-crafting crime!


  • Approximately 40 9” Balloons
  • One Jumbo Balloon Time Helium Tank or Two Standard Balloon Time Helium Tanks
  • Fishing Line
  • Clear Tape

Blow up all of your balloons with helium and tie each with a long line of fishing line. I recommend sketching out your balloon numbers first so you have a plan! Then, begin building your first number. It is always best to start from the bottom of the number and work your way up. Tape your first balloon to the floor. If you are working sideways (for the bottom of a two, for example) you’ll tape the balloons side by side. If you are working upwards, you’ll tape each balloon slightly behind the last.

It is best to have someone standing back to tell you just where to place each balloon. If this isn’t possible, I recommend taping your balloons down for one entire number, then stepping back and adjusting from there.

Repeat these steps for all your numbers, and that’s it!

DIY Confetti Balloon Bar

DIY Confetti Balloon Bar

Why just pop champagne at midnight when you can pop balloons too? (And shower everyone with confetti while you’re at it!) Set up a balloon bar where guests can fill balloons with confetti, fill them up and then pop as the ball drops! 


  • Clear Balloons
  • Balloon Time Helium Tank
  • Confetti
  • Funnel
  • Trims and Ribbons for Tying Balloons
  • Jars and Other Containers for Display 
  • Pins for Popping

Print out this banner, cut out the letters and hang (using painter’s tape) behind the bar, helping guests know exactly what to do!

Fill Shake Pop banner sample

Guests will use a funnel to fill their balloon with confetti. Next, they’ll fill the balloon with helium and pick the ribbon or trim of their choice as the balloon’s string.

Just before midnight, make sure everyone has a pin in hand to pop their balloon in celebration!

DIY Gold Dipped Balloons

DIY Gold Dipped Balloons

Fancy up some standard balloons by “dipping” them in gold.

DIY Gold Dipped Balloons Step-2


  • Latex Balloons
  • Balloon Time Helium Tank
  • Liquid Gold Leaf
  • Soft Bristle Paint Brush
  • String, Ribbon or Other Trim for Tying

Blow up balloons and tie off. Holding the balloon upside down, paint your gold leaf on the bottom half of the balloon, using long strokes until you achieve the look you desire.

Champagne Bar

Champagne Bar

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without a champagne bar! Set one up with a graphic “Pop Fizz Clink” sign (Print it here, cut out the letters and hang with painter’s tape!) so everyone knows just where to head. Tie 5” balloons to bamboo skewers for quick and easy drink stirrers, set them on a sequined table cloth (check your fabric store for a yard or two of something sparkly!), and add some disco balls and party horns for good measure.

Pop Fizz Clink banner sample

Black and gold always works for NYE, but consider adding in an unexpected color, like the peach we threw in here or there! But no matter your palette, as long as there’s a little sparkle, you’re ready for midnight!

Click here to see more photos and step by step instructions for creating your own Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party!

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